Policy-Innovation-Intervention Features in Context

Executive Dashboard

Pain: Hard to know how many of your policies are active and when they will expire? Difficult to understand the health of high priority initiatives?  BizzleSpace’s Executive Dashboard provides Real Time answers to the questions you want answered!


Pain: Do you have complex policies which have sections shared across your total enterprise but portions which only apply to certain departments or agencies?  The Formulation space enables policy componentization.


Pain: Is your ecosystem of departments, agencies or ministries large or complex?  Does each entity need a way to report compliance across multiple projects?  BizzleSpace’s Entity feature simplifies performance tracking and visualization for Entity leaders enabling rapid response.


Pain: Is it hard for your agencies or departments to know which policies apply in which contexts? They can use BizzleSpace’s Compliance feature to rapidly build their compliance checklist and greatly simplifies compliance demonstration.

Case Management

Pain: Is it hard to  support Compliance activities as well as manage exceptions and their grounds in your ecosystem?  BizzleSpace’s Case Management simplifies Compliance support and the creation and tracking of exception requests from Entities!


  • Invite your Executive and Operations Team members to define the Environment Context, Strategic Objectives, Risks, and Impacts, and to design Policy frameworks to achieve desired Outcomes
  • Simplify the ability for affected Organizations to understand which policies they are accountable for and to demonstrate compliance
  • Enable Decision-makers to Visualize the adoption of Policies across the ecosystem as well as Policy performance in meeting desired Outcomes
  • Enable a high level of Transparency across roles in the ecosystem and collaboration enable Leadership to be responsive to the needs of their constituents

Simplify and Accelerate the evolution of ideas in your Value Stream!


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Client Testimonials

“Bizzlespace is the way we communicate with our team. Being able to see the full project scope and what work is being completed is a huge plus. It Helps to make what we do simpler and easy without all the hassle of sending emails back-and-forth. We like that everything is in one secure place, can be easily accessed and managed from anywhere. We love Bizzlespace!”

CEO & Creative Director

BizzleSpace has been an enormous aid in managing projects and collaboration with remote team members. As a small business, the use of the cloud based tool helped in transitioning a normally on-site team work  environment to becoming a highly effective virtual office space.  Our team used BizzleSpace for a large proposal effort and we had no issues accessing and managing changes to multiple documents by many users.  I found similar products required a lot of time and effort to get started, but BizzleSpace was easy to start with minimum training (a big plus for me). Also, the BizzleSpace Team is awesome to work with!

With that said….. I really need to start using BizzleSpace for all my company projects.


BizzleSpace is a great resource for teams to stay up to date on projects by utilizing the different tools it offers. Tools such as a file repository, checklist feature and topic chats help everyone to stay on task. BizzleSpace also allows access to be setup for temporary team members that are on a current project. The easy functionality and layout makes it simple to know how to maneuver and use this tool.

Proposal Writing Consultant

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