Psychology of Checklists

Checklists in the Cloud (shameless Ad for but won’t say any more about that for now) as a concept is really cool not just for the simplicity in usage or ease of access but, for the psychology of getting work done.

From an owner or biz manager perspective it’s beautiful because owners are interested in performance.  Hard to improve performance if you can’t measure it or understand what it is.  A checklist is the simplest way to see what is being done (if it is accessible).  When the work can be visualized, then someone who cares can have an impact… bring their expertise or passion to the problem, so to speak.

From a team member or work producer perspective the coolness increases.  Have you ever written a checklist and checked off that last item?  Doesn’t it feel great… feeling of accomplishment?  Our human nature is to want to be useful and when you complete a list of stuff it feels good… we were useful, valuable etc.

So team members are motivated to complete work and leaders are able to have an impact on the quality of the work and help in making sure the correct priorities are being attended to (ok, so ended with a preposition, sue me).

How’s that for psychology?

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